Yesterday completed my first week at The Firm. Brief overview:

The firm itself is very nice: leather couches, chairs and benches; marble flooring, flat screen TVs. There's a cafeteria and most of
the costs are subsidized by the firm. It's good to know I'll be able to eat well for a dollar on my broke days. There's a bistro on the lower level of the building and several kitchens and
pantries through out complete with vending machines. Food is too readily available here and that makes me nervous. I've been doing
fairly well with my eating habits and it’s going to be too easy to revert. There's also a gym on the lower level and Elmo is all set to use it.

Now for the job itself:

I really don't have much to do so far. I've been bored to death most of the week but I guess that will all change once I have more training and can do more. I have three bosses; all seem very nice. One has tried to show me a few things while the other two haven’t talked to me much at all. I have my own cube and voicemail; the place I was at before only had generic stuff, nothing really designated as my own. Every one has been very friendly. The attorneys ignore me which I expected. I don't mind so much either.
In the midst of my boredom, I read the notes from the previous secretary. I'm not sure what they all mean. They'll come in handy
once I have actual work to do. The most I've done this week was send a fax and update some spreadsheet stuff. I had so much time
on my hands Friday, I was able to read an entire magazine cover to cover.

With everything good come drawbacks: I have to pay almost three times as much for my medical insurance and now have to pay for my own dental and vision insurance, which I didn't have to pay for at all at the other job. My salary is 3k more than it was; all of the increase goes to the insurance which sucks. I’m relieved the kids are able to keep their pediatrician but I have to look for new doctors because neither is covered under the new insurance. I hate starting over. I've grown so accustomed to the ones I have; they already know what my issues are and we’ve started working on them. I'll hate having to go to someone else and explain everything all over again.

I don't like my commute. Even though it is 20 minutes shorter, I pass through two of the busiest stations in the Metro system: L'Enfant Plaza and Gallery-Place/Chinatown. I'm on edge before I even get to my desk. I also don't care for sitting next to other people. I've grown accustomed to sitting alone and I like it. My cube mates are really helpful and answer all my questions. Some things I'm excited about: UPS, postal mail, supplies, word processing. They have separate departments for all that stuff. If I
had to fax something but don't have time to do it myself, there’s even a department for that! Now that’s some good stuff.

I love the area I work in. Chinatown used to be really dumpy, but with the MCI Center here it’s become really developed and almost
beautiful. I say almost because there are no trees and flowers, thing I really like having around. What I don't like is the rude people! Downtown DC has some of the rudest people you can have the displeasure of running into on your lunch break. I didn't have these
issues when I was in Arlington.

All in all, things are going okay and I'm still adjusting. We're not allowed to go online unless it's before/after work or at lunch. That
sucks so bad. That's going to be the hardest thing to adjust to.

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Congrats on the new job. I'm glad everything is going well so far. Like you, I would be so tempted to indulge in all the food spots around. Stay strong, and continue to risk temptation. Although the gym is present there too, I'm sure I would fight with myself over using my lunch time for working out or surfing the net :).

posted by MsThing | 03.16.05 11:07 AM


fyi... work aint shit. but go you.

posted by tionne | 03.29.05 12:18 AM


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