Aye, I'm still breavin. It's been a long time since I gave a damn about anything long enough to consider writing about it.

It's spring here in the city and that's put me in a real good mood. I love sunshine. Because the sun is shining, it's time for my annual shot of estrogen, when I begin to like all things girly. Bleh. When the sun starts shinin in the hood, what's the two things blacks folks do first? 1). wash they cars and 2). get a fire goin in the grill. As I stepped over sudsy streams pouring down the curb, I notice the hood has the distinct smell of gasoline. Or what I thought was gasoline. When I get closer, I realize that shit is lighter fluid. Who the hell needs to use a whole bottle of lighter fluid to spark some coals?! C'mon black people, we've got to do better.

I went to the doc on Monday and I've actually lost 4 lbs since last month. Good accomplishment since I didn't follow that "meal plan" as closely as I should have. Eating salads three times a day is hardly satisfying. Friday, I broke the news to Elmo that I wasn't coming back this month. I got chewed out for damn 45 minutes! I knew I was gon' get cussed out but I ain't have no idea it would be that long. Yes, there's been progress. He and I just don't agree on shit and it's getting old. That's what happens when you put two Virgos together. I'm also tired of living up to someone else's expectations of me. It doesn't feel good.

My Ghetto Friend has been in rare form lately. Have you ever had a friend that you have to be in the mood to talk to or chill with? Well she's that friend. Usually, I don't have the patience to deal with her, simply because....she annoys me. She's one of those people that has to debate everything, even if it isn't a debatable point. Just to get her to STFU when she tries to provoke me, I just say "Oh." and let it be at that.

For example:
Ghetto Friend- "I gotta call to see how you doin since you don't call me."
Me: "Oh."

Why doesn't she know that her opening line makes me not want to call her at all? Being a loaner is much easier.

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1) Wait until the sky is clear and it's nice and hot outside.
2) Invite Ghetto Girl out to hang with you and make sure you go on a nice walk.
3) When you all sit out in the sun resting, pour lighter fluid on Ghetto Girl.
4) Take magnifying glass out.

Voila! Femme Flambe!

posted by ej | 04.05.05 10:27 PM


*DEAAAAATH* What a fucked up idea, yet quit inventive. Me likes.

posted by Queen Sexy | 04.06.05 09:43 PM


The blacks are always over using that damn lighter fluid. Gotdamn ribs be tainted like a sumbitch. That shit ain't a bit of cool. School your people, kthx.

Yo Ghetto Friend chews gnat booty. Kill her. Being a loner is so kick ass.

...there is that pesky lack of dick thing though. Bah.

posted by Lisa | 04.06.05 10:49 PM


i don't blame you for not wanting to hang with your friend that statement is annoying.

hope you & the kids have a great weekend if you all bar-b-que call me i want some :)

posted by lashundra | 04.15.05 04:51 PM


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