Lawd, lawd, lawd it's always something. Yesterday, The Boy decided he wanted to start a fight. That's right. His little six year old behind walked up to another boy (who is older than him might I add) and told this child he wanted to fight him. *Aside: You really should know how to fight prior to starting one.* As apparent as the bruise in the corner of his eye, he didn't win. Not letting her little brother get beat up too bad, The Girl jumps in and does what she does. She sure is a fighter to be so dainty. To make a long story short, they jump the boy. Why do I have this on my hands? I have no idea where they gettin this gully behavior from. (BTW, I didn't ask you shit, mmmkay?)

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I know who that comment was for BTW!!!! You ain't foolin nobody.

The Girl was doin what she 'posed to do - protecting her lil brother.

As for where she get its from - I believe the old negro proverb goes "monkey see monkey do"


posted by Prime (AKA Mike) | 04.15.05 11:00 PM


Now QueenSexy has the Punchin' Princess and the Pimpin' Prince as her chirren. I do believe I've heard it all.

*Goes shopping for crowns from Burger King*

posted by ej | 04.16.05 11:20 AM


Iown know why Prime sit up here actin like he know me *mean mug*

EJ, I'm convinced there's something in the DC water (other than lead) that's makin these kids whyle out like this. It just aint normal for them.

I must say, the boy got balls for stepping to somebody just cause he feel like it.

posted by Queen Sexy | 04.17.05 09:04 AM


big sis was takin up for her brother and they should look out for one another. nowadays kids are so mean to other kids you almost have to have your child carrying weapons.

~sunray~ you know they get that from their daddy ;) -- blame all their faults on the daddy or his side of the family.

posted by lashundra | 04.18.05 05:07 PM


LOL @ Shun. Of course they get it from they daddies and they daddies' people. The whole clan is a buncha Prozac poppin psych ward patients.

posted by Queen Sexy | 04.18.05 06:38 PM


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