...and don't care if you don't. No, really, it makes na'an difference in my existence. I'm changing a lot, both personally and professionally. It's an exciting and frightening experience. A while back I was having some serious issues with my judgement. I was angry, afraid, embarrassed. I'm over it. Imma do what Imma do and leave it at that. Granted, what I do aint always kosher or on the up and up, but ultimately, it's MY decision.

Speaking of decisions, I can't stand when someone takes a decision away from someone else, whether it's me or the bitch down the block. What exactly does that mean? If person A only gives person B half the information they need to make the best choice, their options are skewed. If complete info was given up front, the options would be different, maybe better. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you have options. I can't stand for someone to say, "I have no choice." Hell if you don't. Choices are always available. You may not like the options, but you have to choose something.

People come, people go. *applies reason, season or lifeteime theory* The only constant in the equation of my life is me. Since applying this "me" approach, I have felt selfish. Just down right bad. I've always put other people first, so it's been an adjustment. I like how it feels. I like the freedom.

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