...and don't care if you don't. No, really, it makes na'an difference in my existence. I'm changing a lot, both personally and professionally. It's an exciting and frightening experience. A while back I was having some serious issues with my judgement. I was angry, afraid, embarrassed. I'm over it. Imma do what Imma do and leave it at that. Granted, what I do aint always kosher or on the up and up, but ultimately, it's MY decision.

Speaking of decisions, I can't stand when someone takes a decision away from someone else, whether it's me or the bitch down the block. What exactly does that mean? If person A only gives person B half the information they need to make the best choice, their options are skewed. If complete info was given up front, the options would be different, maybe better. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you have options. I can't stand for someone to say, "I have no choice." Hell if you don't. Choices are always available. You may not like the options, but you have to choose something.

People come, people go. *applies reason, season or lifeteime theory* The only constant in the equation of my life is me. Since applying this "me" approach, I have felt selfish. Just down right bad. I've always put other people first, so it's been an adjustment. I like how it feels. I like the freedom.

This temping thing is working out well, mostly. I like the freedom of not having to work when I dont want to, or being able to turn down an assignment if it's not exactly what I want. I can't grasp why other people have such a hard time with agencies: not getting assigments or receiving sporadic ones....what's the deal? Agencies will take anybody if you can breathe and type at the same time. It really is that simple.

Since I've been out of The Firm, I've been working fairly steady since. I quit the candle store...again. Them bitches was workin my last nerve. This place I'm temping with now has added a dimension to the way I look at staffing agencies. For me, they have only been the means to my ends, ya know. But this place exclusively uses staffing agencies of all levels for their hiring needs. They do not advertise. At. all. That's kinda gully. I'm seriously considering using headhunters for my entire job search now. They have access to so much stuff I don't. I can work while they find jobs for me. Damn all that resume emailing bullshit.

Back to my unemployment. I'm chillin and like what I'm doing...for the moment. The people around me are more afraid than I am. They need to chill with allat. Concern is nice and appreciated even, but be easy. If I'm not sweating, why should you?

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I am loving your new outlook, Sunray. Keep this 'tude up, lady. It'll take you far. Much further than worrying about mofos and their opinions of you and the things you do.

posted by MsThing | 07.25.05 03:46 PM


folks may call me crazy/lazy but the bulk of my jobs have come from temp agencies or referrals from friends...all that emailing resumes is for the birds and last time i checked there wasn't a feather in sight on my lovely self.

ride your assignment out till the wheels fall off girl..let a head hunter do the grunt work...

you'll know when you're ready

posted by blue | 07.26.05 02:45 AM


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