Summer is coming to a close and I'm glad. I've survived nasty DC humidity. Pepco is kickin my ass with this unmerciful 'lectric bill. After the next billing cycle, I'll be back to the normal monthly $30.

As the seasons change, my feelings, attitude and mentality go along with it. Off and on I've been bitching about a friend who's been emotionally unavailable to me during these times. I was hurt and bitter for a good minute. As contact dwindles between us, I've decided that maybe, just maybe, this is something they don't know how to handle. It's cool. They gotta do them. I gotta do me. Rocka said it best: "... well you can't sleep on folks, and expect them to be there when you wake up..." When he said this I stopped short for a second. Taken aback, I could barely muster a response. Feeling it is one thing; having it vocalized is another.

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03.September.2005    09:13 PM     Commments: 3