Summer is coming to a close and I'm glad. I've survived nasty DC humidity. Pepco is kickin my ass with this unmerciful 'lectric bill. After the next billing cycle, I'll be back to the normal monthly $30.

As the seasons change, my feelings, attitude and mentality go along with it. Off and on I've been bitching about a friend who's been emotionally unavailable to me during these times. I was hurt and bitter for a good minute. As contact dwindles between us, I've decided that maybe, just maybe, this is something they don't know how to handle. It's cool. They gotta do them. I gotta do me. Rocka said it best: "... well you can't sleep on folks, and expect them to be there when you wake up..." When he said this I stopped short for a second. Taken aback, I could barely muster a response. Feeling it is one thing; having it vocalized is another.

I'm tired. 23 days till D-Day (my due date) and counting. I've forgotten how badly contractions hurt. I mean this shit hurts! The father and I don't agree for shit. He's an idot and I know everything. Once he realizes that, things'll go a lot smoother.

Temping is coming to a temporary end for me. I've been temping at the same place all summer and I'm over these people. There's nothing there for me. What I've learned from this experience is a) corporate culture aint my thing b) I'm becoming more and more mistrustful of whites in the work place.

a). I've noticed that this place is predominately white, of course, with a sprinkle of other minorities about. I watch painfully as another temp makes an effort to be a part of the team, while looking uncomfortable and confused. When I'm ready to be employed full time, I can no longer subject myself to situations where I don't feel at ease. I don't have the desire to compromise myself just to fit in.

b) These folks is real shady. What they should know is that email can get let shit get around that isn't meant for eveybody's eyes. I came across an email from someone that instructed a dude I despised to keep an eye on me because I was on the other day. I'm a temp. A bored temp. The smart thing to do to get your money's worth is to hand me something to do. Preferably something interesting. My babysitter took things a step further and decided to hide out to try and catch me doing something. Please don't think I hadn't peeped your game weeks ago, when I realized you felt threatened by me. His tone is always condescending, using college words with the expectation of me now knowing what they mean. Fuck alllat. He was pale as flour when I kicked that shit back at em. I've been in the workforce longer than his pissy young ass been in college. He should prolly fall back with that bullshit.

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Now that's messed up.. glad you put his pasty behind in check.. Trying to run back and tell on ya like you're in 3rd grade or some mess.. The world world is such a hott mess.

posted by Pam - Reddy | 09.06.05 09:49 PM


the corporate world sukks big time and you are exactly correct there are way more salt than black pepper working and the black pepper have it so hard, we have to get educated like a mofo, learn our job and someone elses (we have to fill in for them when they are out of vacationing), then when we ask for a raise or promotion it's like they think we don't qualify, it's sad. heck what do they expect when you are bored with nothing to do, they better be glad you are not taking a 3 hour lunch break on their arses.

take care of yourself girlie, give the kids a hug for me.

posted by lashundra | 09.20.05 04:44 PM


congrats on the *soon to be* new baby...

posted by courtney | 10.04.05 06:21 PM


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