I love my machine. He's a Dell Demension 8200. He's been very reliable these past years. Can't say the same for these "men" I've dated, so when my New Guy informed me that I'm the crazy one for naming my machine, I was shocked.

SunRay: i need to open him and clean him too
SunRay: his name is randy
New Guy: the damn mouse has a name???
SunRay: LMAO
SunRay: no, i just cleaned the mouse
SunRay: that's my computer's name
SunRay: randy
SunRay: you don't name your machines?
New Guy: (the damn computer has a name)
SunRay: (he damn sure does)
New Guy:(i'm datin a crazy b%$#h)
New Guy: lol
SunRay: R O T F L!

When I first moved into this house I used to have bad dreams about Randy, that someone broke into the house and stole him. Being in DC that's not an unwarrented fear. I would wake up to make sure he was there then go back to bed. I equate it to checking on the kids to see if they've kicked their blankets off. I used to get up at night to make sure they were still breathing. I stopped that about 3 years ago. I figure if they stayed alive that long, they aint croaking anytime soon. I digress.

Randy is a part of my family. He goes through my emotions and moods right along with me. Reliable and sturdy, I appreciate his commitment.

Who else has named their machines? Speak up! I know I'm not the only one.

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*blows dust off blog* Suprised this sumbitch still works.

I'm worn out. Beat down. Tired out.

On September 16, 2005, that freeloadin black chile escaped my womb. At 6 lbs, 10 oz., she's my smallest. I didn't think I could produce something so little. And onery. Breeched, she couldn't decide which way she wanted to turn. When the doctors tired to turn her...she refused! Ole huzzy. Having someone smash around on your belly with no anesthesia sucks. A lot. The second time they tried that day, I had an epidural, something new to me. I just take labor naturally. Lemme tell you, hospitals have the bestest drugs EVAR! No more street corner dealings foe me. The side effects are much worse though. I was high as fuck so I guess it balances out.

Working on getting things back in order. A hustla never sleeps, ya know? There's a lot of free money out here and I'm getting my share. Free stuff rawks. Alas, I'll have to go back to temping soon. Wouldn't be so bad if this chile slept throught the night, changed her own diapers and fed herself.

This World of Baby is a lot different than I remember 7 years ago. Babies have their own spring water. What happened to good old fashioned boiled tap? For real, I wouldn't even consider boiling DC tap. That shit is pure poison.

Working on getting myself back in order. I've gone through some serious shit mentally and emotionally, wondering how I can recover. Wish there were a 12 step program for things like this. Taking classes as we speak. It aint hardly as easy as I thought it would be. She doesn't sleep nearly enough for me to do this and get A's while doing it. This is what I gotta do; I'm determined to graduate.

Wish me luck.

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