I love my machine. He's a Dell Demension 8200. He's been very reliable these past years. Can't say the same for these "men" I've dated, so when my New Guy informed me that I'm the crazy one for naming my machine, I was shocked.

SunRay: i need to open him and clean him too
SunRay: his name is randy
New Guy: the damn mouse has a name???
SunRay: LMAO
SunRay: no, i just cleaned the mouse
SunRay: that's my computer's name
SunRay: randy
SunRay: you don't name your machines?
New Guy: (the damn computer has a name)
SunRay: (he damn sure does)
New Guy:(i'm datin a crazy b%$#h)
New Guy: lol
SunRay: R O T F L!

When I first moved into this house I used to have bad dreams about Randy, that someone broke into the house and stole him. Being in DC that's not an unwarrented fear. I would wake up to make sure he was there then go back to bed. I equate it to checking on the kids to see if they've kicked their blankets off. I used to get up at night to make sure they were still breathing. I stopped that about 3 years ago. I figure if they stayed alive that long, they aint croaking anytime soon. I digress.

Randy is a part of my family. He goes through my emotions and moods right along with me. Reliable and sturdy, I appreciate his commitment.

Who else has named their machines? Speak up! I know I'm not the only one.

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ok which machines we talking about? lol. not the hand held ones right? if not, then i think you the only one.

posted by feepee | 10.19.05 12:40 PM


Girl...My computer has a first name! I thought I was the only one...his name is Stan. I call him my 'Right-hand Man Stan'. Thats my dawg! He knows all my secrets, schedule, reports, finances...I dont have a better friend. Earlier this year he lost his memory, hard drive went dead. I dam near worked two jobs to get him fixed.

People just dont understand...

posted by Tee2 | 10.19.05 08:01 PM


FeePee--are you referring to one of those palm pilot thingies? if so, yeah it's cool. it's still a machine, just a lil one. i know you named it ;-D

Tee2, you know EXACTLY what i'm tombout. if my computer died, life as i know it would cease to exist. gas, water and cable might be cut off, but randy would have all new guts if need be.

posted by Queen Sexy | 10.19.05 09:43 PM


i've never named my computer but maybe i should.

congrats on the baby girl, got any pics of her? i'm sure you and the kids have spoiled her rotten, now that she's here randy will feel lonely since time will be spent seeing about her.

posted by lashundra | 10.24.05 05:35 PM


Only other person I know who named the machine was Dwayne Wayne naming his joint Poindexter.. But Randy is a much cuter name for a machine.

posted by Pam - Reddy | 10.31.05 11:05 PM


her name is Roxy. she's a homemade machine, my first attempt at building a computer.

she's gorgeous -- transparent with colored lights, a matching clear mouse and keyboard. i can spew out her specs better than i can remember my nieces and nephews ages. i spend all my free time with her. i love her.

she also has a sister named Gia, who is not functioning at the moment. and before them, there was Roscoe, before him there was Sweetie. i've always named my computers. it's a way of life.

posted by Lise | 11.02.05 09:53 AM


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