Man, I'm so distraught. Baby Daddy 3 has been under the assumption for quite some time that my computer was in need of major upgrades. I partially agreed being that I need much more RAM for my main machine whose name is Randy. BD3 got a new processor, CD burner and HD for Randy. Sounds simple right? Riiiiight.

Boy genius left without finishing the job. The hardware was installed and left up the installation screen for Windows XP. I click some stuff to get the installation going and notice Randy is moving real reaaal slow. A typical XP installation takes 40 minutes to an hour at most. The installation was complete in about 15 hours and I somehow ended up with a dual boot system.

When I'm finally able to get in and tinker around, Windows Messenger Service nicely lets me know that my registry is corrupt and there are 55 critical errors. My heart descended into my feet. Of course I call Primey cause I'm hysterical at this point. Imagine your first born being sick with some bizarre infection. What do you do? You call the doctor. Primey tells me, "Iown know what that is; Iown know how to fix it and you're fucked." That's exactly what I needed to hear with interviews and homework pending. I run screaming into the night to the BF, the last resort, cause I aint feel like hearing his mouth about why BD3 had his hands on my machine and blah blah.

He finds the problem: My motherboard can't support the processor. That's why everything is screwed n chopped. We put Randy to the side and introduced Phillip. Phillip is the iMac my old boss gave me a couple of summer's ago after she told me I was being laid off. Neither of us is Mac fluent but he felt his way around and got Phillip up and running. He's the best. I don't have any software for the Mac but I still have my innanet! I'd wither away if I couldn't browse for shoes!

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Glad you are back up and running. I just know I'd die with out my innanet!

Have a great weekend!

posted by Golden | 11.19.05 02:35 PM


philip?? LOL

i just named mine. His name is Jesus (hay-zeus).


posted by ~*~CollegeSusta~*~ | 11.20.05 10:08 PM


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