In my mind Christmas is finally over. Good riddance. I had a cute lil post planned, written to the kids denouncing Santa Claus. I told them nigglets Santa aint real...and they don't believe me. The only fat bitch leaving anything for them Blee dat.

The BF decided he didn't want to call me today, or yesterday for that matter. I know he's around somewhere. Forreal...I've questioned this whole thing from the start. How we met was questionable, how we got together was questionable...iown even feel like gettin into all that. I mean really, what reason could he possibly have, short of being half dead (or dead for that matter) to not take 5 minutes out of his day and call me. Some things have happened lately that have left me shook about him. I need to chew on that for a minute before I write about it. I don't want to sound like a tongue tied retard. So far he's been a sweetheart though. I could charge this to the game and write it off as a temporary mental lapse...but you just don't forget your significant other on no damn holiday. Fuck alllat. Maybe I'm not significant enough to him.

All in all today was nice. I did most of the grunt work hosting dinner at my house. I have no idea why i agree to that shit when I know I'm lazy as hell. I'm starting to bond again with my oldest nephew. For the first few years of his life, he and I were inseparable. I still got love for his scoop headed behind. Gifts were nice but I don't require much. People think I'm so hard to shop for but that's so not the case. I like anything, really. One sister gave me a Gap gift card. I can't wear shit from Gap. They should open a Fat Gap and call it "Gutts n Butts", you know, for bitches like me with gutts and butts. Maybe I'll find something for the kids or a cute purse. Ya'll know how I love my handbags. Michael Kors is next on my list. I loveth him. I wonder if Jeffry Campbell designs handbags. His shoes are off the thermostat.

I swear for jeefus if iown get some dick soon, my fist is gon' go through this monitor. I did get some not long ago but it just didn't go down the way I wanted. Therefore, it was less satisfying. My sex drive is usually low during the cold months. I've caught the tinglies from a situation not long ago which ties into the whole BF thing that I swear I'll explain later. I'm all out synch after my quarter life crisis. My body is still trying to readjust to it's prepregnancy state and it's taking it's sweet time.

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hey girlie!

happy new year! yeah, it's suspect that your bf didn't give you a ring. you may need to go on the hunt.

posted by Enigma | 01.01.06 12:09 AM


happy new year to you. hope you and ur family are good.

just stopping by to check on and trying to play catchup and i'm tired already.

posted by lashundra | 01.12.06 03:45 PM


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