Man, today started off rocky. My trip to Atlantic City was cancelled at the last minute. I was looking forward to a bus ride and being away from the kids to be (semi) alone with my thoughts. The challenge of beating the house gets my adrenaline pumpin sho nuff. Blackjack is my favorite casino game; it's so easy to play. I haven't bothered to learn any of the other games though. There's prolly something else I'd enjoy playin just as much. Slot machines aint one of em though. They suck. It hurt a lil to miss an opportunity to make some money. I'm in serious need right now. Gotta keep a roof over these heads, you know.

The total day wasn't a bust. Me and my Pohtna In Crime went to see Dave Chapelle's Block Party, which he promptly fell asleep on. I on the other hand loved it. All of my favorite artists on one stage was so overwhelming for me. I have no idea what rock I was hiding under to not know when the actual concert took place. If I were paying more attention, I definitely woulda been there. Dead Prez RIPPED that shit! Don't sleep on them niggas ya'll, forreal. Having Erykah Badu and Jill Scott on The Roots' "You Got Me" left me all warm and tingly inside and whatnot. I forgot myself for a minute and was partyin up in the theatre. I wasn't eein in the hood theatre at that. I wish I weren't so sleepy; I'd like to write a post about how this concert was good for hip-hop and blah, but, I'm not that deep. No, really, I aint.

Today I decided I can't allow myself to just...settle. I'm not pleased with where I am right now, professionally or otherwise. The ball's in my court to make changes. I have my highs and lows; I'm riding a high right now. I wish I felt this way all the time, like I can do anything. I've got a pretty good plan in my head. Now only to execute....


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