While enjoying my daily cocktail of raisins and peanuts ( I like to stay regular. Stop judging me.), I decide to read the ingredients on the raisin box, soley for my own amusement. The label read, "Ingredients: California Seedless Raisins."

Perplexed, I consult Leeser because last time I checked, raisins were made from grapes. How can an ingredient of a product be the actual product itself? Makes no sense to me, mane.

My pseudo diet is working. I call it pseudo cause one of my meals per day contains a "forbidden" food. This is a lot easier for me to follow than that strict ass depressing diet Elmo had me on. It's working though. My body is reshaping its self and it's fun to watch. My body is getting used to the couple of weight training dvds I have, so it's time to introduce new routines. I checked out that Fitness Made simple dude, John Baisedow. Programs seemed simple, yet interesting till I checked the price. $30.00 for ONE dvd. Iown think so.

My Ex is an idiot. I'm referring to that whack job that hit me up from another screen name pretending to be somebody else to get me to talk to him. UGH. Wish he'd go find a blow up doll and live happily ever after.

He asks me what I'm doin for the weekend. I tells him I'm trynna find a babysitter so I can go to the movies. He offers, for a fee, of course. I decline, of course. I aint leaving my kids with him! Yes, he's a nice guy. Yes, he has kids of his own; same age as mine. There is no way in hell I'm leavin my kids with this dude! Oh hayle nawl. I leave my kids with very few people. He aint one of em. Besides, my baby doesn't know him from a whole in the wall and I don't feel comfortable leaving my girls with a man.

I graciously decline his offer, telling him "Thanks, but no thanks." This nigga get all in his feelings tombout it was a mistake for him trynna be nice to me and it gets him no where. Aint like I done tole this nigga to shove a spiked bat up his ass, I just declined his offer. Misery loves company and I cant keep him occupied.

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