After I came back from the doc Friday morning, I decided it was too nice of a day (and I'm too cute) to be sittin in the house all day. I call RMiller to see what was poppin off that nite. I leave a message for him to get at me. As the day turns to evening, I still haven't heard from him. No big deal. I get a call from Mr. Fix It askin if I would mind joining him for dinner. He's rather annoying but I go anyway. Shit, it's free. I like free.

I call home to check on the kids. My Chocolate Baby informs me that RMiller called askin where I was cause he was on his way to pick me up. Again, no big deal to me since he aint confirm shit so I was free to do me. I hang up, enjoy my dinner and think nothing else of it.

Until tonite.

I gets a call from a half irate RMiller demanding to know where I was Friday night, since I shoulda known that he was coming. How was I to know when he aint called or nuffin? He demanded (which is unlike him) to know who I was with, where I went, what I ate...he wanted to know it ALL. I really wasn't trynna tell him who I was with cause I aint feel like hearin that shit. I tried to change the subject but he wasn't havin it. Na'an bit. He continued to go on me for another ten minutes before he break out with an "I Love You." Whe he gotta be throwin that out there like that?

He needed to know he got some competition though. Now he all jealous n shit. *smiling* I can't help but pop ma colla . Tombout he was trynna suprise me. Suprise on you, muhfukka! Iown wait on niggas no more. I don't make allowances for niggas no more. Somewhere between BD3 and the "BF", I just feel like "whatever" bout that whole relationship thing. This is about me, my needs and my time. You get in where you fit in.


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