Today I had the brilliant idea to rent a car for the weekend. Being that I don't drive often, I was a nervous mess. My palms were sweating as I walked into the lobby of the car rental place. I went to Enterprise to take advantage of their 50% off weekend special. When I arrived, they didn't have a car in the class I reserved so they had to upgrade for free. Yay! I ended up with a Jeep Liberty. It's a cute lil thing, but it's not something I would purchase on my own. Too girly. I like sitting high up though.

When I pulled the car off the lot, I had no idea how to get home. I'm for serious! I had a general idea but I didn't want to cross the busy intersection so I took the long way home. I mean the loooong waaay. I followed the other cars till I got to a point I recognized. I went allaway through downtown DC and erething. 295 south was pretty elusive.

So, I'm trynna maintain my lane when some piss ass fucker in a Tahoe is like pushin me over. Damn if I aint run over the curb. It's only a curb, right? I managed to steer clear of pedestrians and small animals. That's what counts.

I can't park for shit. No, really, it's not one of my many talents. When I got home, I made my Momma come outside and help me park. I did a lot better on my own than I thought I would. BD3 is posed to come through tonite to help me get rid of my anxiety. I'm sure his idea of "helping" is layin dick, but we'll see.

I made the kids walk to KFC to get dinner. They were not pleased. "Why can't you drive us?!?!" Driving around the corner aint so bad, but I really just wanted to get them out the house. LOL. So! Stop judging me.

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