I'm trying to get into the habit of writing everyday, even if I aint got shit to say.

I had to tap my bank accounts the other day. (Yes, both of them actually had money in them. LOL) While the manager went in the back to get my stash, I noticed the teller was bout a billion months preggers. She looked miserable as hell and the bank was hot as fuck. That branch is always real warm though. I leans over and asks her if she's having a girl. She nods affirmiatively. I tell her I have lots of baby clothes to give away. She gives me her number. I call that heffa yesterday and her phone was cut off. Hmph. Thanks to my Ghetto Friend, I have 4 bags of baby clothes just chillin in my room cause she asked me to save em for her knocked up hood friends. Iown have no prollem with that. What I do have a prollem with is that she aint tell me she wasn't gon' come get em, cause sheown feel like it. I been holdin that shit in my room for months. Damn heffa.

Today I bought The Boy a suitcase so I can start packin his shit. Hopefully within the next two weeks, he'll be living with his dad. This boy is takin me throught it and iown wanna deal with it no more. His father can make himself useful and tend to him for a lil while. One down, two to go. Aint nobody gon' take this heffa baby of mine though. The other day she was trynna get up off the bed. Mind you she can't walk, crawl or scoot. So I asks her where she goin. This heffa tole me she was goin "out". Plain as day, yes she did. The Boy heard it too. If she had teeth, I'd knock em out.

I'm really trynna chill and stay focused with this piddly PT job I've got. The job itself is okay, it's the boss that's workin my nerves. Ms. Ditzy makes me want to scratch her eyes out with rusty nails. I'm convinced she asks me shit cause she thinks I won't know the answer. I've also noticed that when I ask her something she doesn't know the answer to, she talks this ole jibber gabber and skirts around the question. What. a. headache. I've been actively looking for a FT gig now. It's unfortunate how lazy I've become. I don't eein want to work now. This house aint gon' pay for itself so I gotta do something soon.

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