As I sit here thinkin bout takin a pee pee, I realize I haven't heard from RMiller since that night he called and cussed me out real good. I mean real good. I aint ne'er had no dude cuss me out like that before...and get away with it. It's been almost two weeks; why aint he over that yet? I want to talk to him but I aint callin. Why? Cause I aint done shit wrong! Nigga all in his feelings bout some bullshit. Man up, nigga. Man the fuck up. I tried to holla at this dude twice. Twice he turned me down. I aint foolin with him no mo. Now he has to wallow in the bed RMiller made. I puts my life on hold for no nigga. By no means am I punkin out on this shit. He better make up with me before we fast next month. Shit. Aint nothing worse than bein hongry and mad.

I'm looking forward to the fasting though. He fasts for the first three days of every month and asked me to join him. I balked at first; I like to eat. However, I need a spiritual cleansing, so I figure why not. I was looking into fasting anyway. It's good to have someone experienced to guide me through this. He and I have plans to attend Bible Study if we can ever agree on a church.

This level of bonding is...scary. My relationship with God is very personal to me; I never discuss it. It's not that I don't want anybody to know, it's just that you never know when you'll run into a closet Bible thumper. I don't have the patience to deal with them. Anyway, I wanted to be able to explore this level of bonding with a life partner. He's my partner fo life, just not in that way. Ah hell, ya'll know what I mean. By the time he realizes I'm the shit, It'll be too late. He bet not bust all up in my weddin talkin smack. I'd hate to call his Momma.

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