I'm talented at many things. Cooking, writing, talkin shit...but reading and driving? Not exactly my forte. That cell phone thing comes in handy so I can call folks when I get all turned around and confused. I didn't do too bad though. I do have to drive to work on Monday (to return the car to the rental place) and I'm a lil nervous bout that. Parking availability over there sucks.

I met Sister 2 at Walmart where she gave me the skinny on front end parking. That part is still a lil tricky and I'll make sure I park as far away from other cars as possible till i get real comfortable with it. I can parallel park with the best of em though! I aint need Momma to come outside this time. LOL! If I did, she couldn't anyway cause her stank behind is at home.

That God dude is watchin over us cause there were very few cars near me when I was on the highway. I did scare myself a few times. Once, I looked up and I was doin 70 in the slow lane...and I aint eein realize it! The other, I was in the wrong lane (middle lane) to get to Walmart so I had to cut across a couple other cars to get to the driveway. Hey, they either had the options of stopping or hitting me. Their call, but dammit, I was determined to make it to Walmart, and I did. I follwed Sisser 2 part of the way home. I get real confused with those exits. I have to learn to read the signs better.

I'm feeling more confident than I did when I first brought the truck home on Friday. I can't wait to get my own car. I don't want to waste too much money on renting. My dawg fo life, RMiller is posed to be givin me his car when he gets another. Just straight up givin it to me. I've never had a dude look out for me like that. But, um, he need to hurry up. Shit! That baby too heavy to be carrying around.

Speaking of RMiller, next Saturday is our bi-weekly date. LOL. He's decided that we need to go out twice a month. Cool with me. I like chillin with him.; It's real comfortable. I don't have to worry about navigating the "night cap" or anything. It's always real chill. He's planned our dates for the next month. How cute is that? He bedda find a cookout for us to go to on Memorial Day.

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