My son has been giving his 1st grade teacher hell all year long. All year. When I met her at the begining of the year, she was a soft spoken, energetic woman. By the end of the 1st grading period, she was wary, but sill optimistic. As time wore on, and my son wore on her nerves, the light in her eyes has dimmed. At home and at school, he feels he doesn't have to listen to anybody and continues to do what he sees fit. Just this week, he was suspended for two days. After the suspension, I had enough.

I talk to his dad every so often. During our last conversation, I decided my son needs to go live with his dad. BD2 has asked for this for years, I declined. I was cool with visits, but he couldn't stay. I feel like if he wanted his son, he never would have put the amount of distance between them that he has. My nerves are shot and his dad is willing, so off he goes. May 29th is his last day in my home. I've fouind myself counting the days and I don't feel bad about it. I've had to hustle and grind just to provide for him, considerin doin something strange for change so he doesn't have to feel the financial brunt of his father not being around...damn all that. BD2 should be able to hold shit down while I get my mind right. After all these years, he can make himself useful. My bad for gettin down with a Hip-Hop writer turned minster. I'm sure there's a special place in hell for people like me.

I'm still dating the Fix It Guy. He's grown on me. Some. I still keep him at arms distance cause he has so many annoying habits. I try to be objective about it, not wanting to miss my blessing. I enjoy his coversation and he treats me very well; if there's something I want or need, he tries to make it happen. Usually, it happens. I have my choice of restaurants, no matter the expense. He owns a home improvement businesss; when I need work done, it's taken care of. Now he wants to take me and the kids on vacation this summer. He wants to go to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. Pig.eon. Forge.

*stomps and kicks*
Iown wanna go to Pigeon Forge!!!!

What the fuck is in Pigeon Forge?? Does this God forsaken town have black people? If not, is that more incentive to go? I'm trying to have more of an open mind about this. I checked out the website to find shots of white people supposedly enjoying themselves. What the hey, it's a free trip, right?


Nothing is free. What's his motivation? Sure, he likes me or whatever. Realistically, he trynna get some ass. I'm trying to find away to graciously decline... Several months after meeting this dude, I'm still not attracted to him. I do not find pleasure in looking at him the way he finds pleasure in looking at me. Aside from the lack of physical chemistry, he's everything I feel a man should be. Hell, at his age he should be. He's country as hell too. Lived in this city longer than I've been alive and he still countrier than a mofo. It makes me laugh. He has no idea how country he is. That amuses me. Yet I digress. I still haven't figured out how much longer I'll be able to avoid intimacy with this dude. I don't even enjoy kissing him. His lips aren't as full as mine; he got thin white man lips. I got DSLs (Delightfully, Succulent Lips, you pervs.) What a mismatch. He wants to do that shit in public too! EW!. PDA is not cool.

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He's definitely country to suggest Dollywood as a vacation spot. LOL

I visited Dollywood a few years ago and I don't recall seeing any black people besides those I traveled there with. It was fun... but HELLA white and HELLA country!

posted by Sheron | 05.28.06 10:40 AM


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