I loves me some mursic. Keeping my finger on the pulse of what's hot requires more time than I have to expend, so I let these two do it for me. I will say this:

There's just as much room for Snap in the "Hip Hop" arena as there is for all this other junk saturating my MTV rotation. Yes, the beat is recycled, they lyrics aren't exactly prose and it's origin is confounded. But hey, it's a catchy beat and easy to dance to.

I was duped into giving my opinion on the new Paris Hilton track. While her mere existance singes my nose hairs, I stand by my initial critique: it doesn't suck. Frankly, I can do without it.

I can't wait to get my hands on the Busta Rhymes joint. I anticipated it's release...then slept when it dropped. So! Stop judging me. I'm keepin a close eye on his concert though...

At one time, I'd skeet for a Wu-Tang reunion. Eh. They're old/dead/drunk now. Ghostface is still cute.

Nelly Furtado is sure to do big things. Her single with Timbaland, Promiscuous is so fuckin hot. Her debut cd, Whoa, Nelly! is still in heavy rotation in my cd changer. I'm not gonna sleep on this release. Imma get up off my ass and reserve it. Well, Imma click on over to Amazon.com and reserve. Ya'll really think, i'm like, gonna get out my chair??

Not sure about Kelis. That chick throws me for a loop.

I'm diggin Letyoa Luckett. Cute single. Somebody PLEASE pass that girl a sammich!

I've been slackin on my Rock n' Roll pimpin. I have no idea who's hot anymore. AAF is my old favorite. I'm still in love with ANThology eventhough truANT is more artistic. System of a Down is the guts. Los Negros, why ya'll scared of rock? It's not all satanic. What happened to Adema?

I was over Cheri Dennis five years ago. Where's Erykah Badu? She play too much. I'm real trife for not gettin Jill Scott's last cd.

What's in your rotation?

[Edit]: I didn't forget you King!

[Edit Edit]: Rocka always delivers the goods! Nelly Furtado is off my list of demands.

[Edit Edit Edit]: Busta Rhymes is offically off the list. Thanks, Rocka!

Now if nOva could remember to upload The Game....

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