I sent my son to live with his father in Las Vegas at the end of May. He'd been having a hard time in school the entire year, not wanting to behave and all. I thought it would be good for him to have time with his father. Besides, he'd been asking for The Boy to come stay with him for about a year. I wasn't so keen on the year part, but we agreed to work out the details.

Fast forward two months and things have changed. When I inquired about when he'd be sending The Boy back home, he began to dance around giving me a date, instead using flowery language to describe how wonderful his life is and how beneficial it is to keep The Boy out there. From that moment on I knew I was in for some shit.

Because his name isn't on my son's birth certificate (his fault, of course), he tells me the school is requesting a notarized letter from me, stating he is The Boy's father and has custody of him. Okay. No prollem. I send the letter stating he has temporary custody.

Apparently, that wasn't good enough.

He comes back and tells me he needs another notarized letter stating he and his wife have sole physical and legal custody of The Boy. This letter is supposed to allow him to enroll The Boy in school and add him to their health insurance policy, which is in his wife's name. He's sellin but I aint buying. For the life of me, I don't understand why the letter I initially sent to him wasn't sufficient. I balk.

He tries to pressure me into sendin the letter, which definitely wasn't gon' happen and I told him so. I ask for something in writing from the school and the insurance company to explain this policy in more detail. He sent a link to the school's policies. I wasn't satisfied.

I went to legal aid yesterday. The attorney I spoke with confirmed my suspicions: he's up to something. While they evaluate my case to determine if they are able to represent me, the attorney suggested I go to the self help service center at the court house and file for joint custody on my own. She also had a lot of good advice to offer on other componets of the case.

I'm terrified to have to take this kind of action; I wish it weren't necessary. Bottom line: I'm not gonna let anybody pressure me into doing anything I don't feel comfortable with. He perceived my hesitence as ambivalence. I have the right to research a situation to get the information needed to make a sound decision. If he doesn't like it, so be it.

Hopefully, this journey won't be as painful as I anticipate.


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