When I come home from work, I like to perch myself on the couch and find a good comedy
to watch. Being that I have like 78987543131979634 movie channels, this shouldn't
be so difficult. Of course the most simplistic endeavor turns out to be an ordeal.

MTV is now my daily escape, ridiculous as this channel is. Maybe it's me. Maybe my
tastes have matured to the point where mediocrity is no longer amusing. I watch a few
shows on a regular basis to try to find some sense behind them.

Road Rules

The Real World spin offs are becoming redundant. I have yet to determine the difference
between Inferno and Road Rules. Either way, they both consist of tired ass recycled
Real Worlders. Will these folks ever grow up and get real jobs to contribute to society
in some meaningful way? Watching them dance a drunken strip show atop some random bar
is so yesterday. Get a clue.

Pimp My Ride

I like this show. X to the Z is quite personable. He'd have to be to make up for that
pitbull face of his. Anyway, this show is a lot of fun. I think the West Coast Customs
staff has much more charisma than the guys at Gas. Big Dane was my favorite from WCC.
Alex is my favorite from Gas.

Making the Band 3

This is one of those shows where I know I shouldn't be watching, yet I can't look
away. These girls didn't offer enough controversy. I hope D.Woods and Aundrea will
go solo. I have yet to accept Danity Kane as a group. It's not likely I will. WTF is a
Danity Kane?

Nick Cannon's Wildin Out

You have no idea how ashamed I am to admit I watch this show. Nick Cannon is such a goon.
Is Mikey Day what Jim Carey used to be? Kat Martin is a funny dude. He will straight fry a
mf. Just like he fries his hair. Tiny ass permed mf. Some of the skits are lame, but it
gives me something to chuckle to until Dave Chappelle stops smokin weed in Africa.

Worth Mentioning:

Flavor of Love

I have a problem with this show's existance. Flavor Flav? They can't be serious. He had
to get work from somewhere to pay all that back child support. One chicks on the new season
is well aware of the possiblity he make not take care of his kids. She was all the way cool
with that. I hope it was a front to get on tv, however, I'm doubtful judging by the vacant
look in her blue(ish) eyes.


These broads be straight up trippin over the smallest thing! If by chance I should marry,
I'm not goin through all that shit. No bridal party. No wedding planners. No ruffley
gown with a 7 foot train. Less really is more.

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