*blows dust off*

I aint dead. I'm sure Primey is perched on his stool plotting my untimely demise. Ya'll know I was out of a computer for two whole weeks?! My heart likened to have stopped. That iMac was old as hell anyway (98/99 model) but it held on for like a year or so. I cant complain too much. Shit, I'm surprised it lasted that long. Shout out to MizLise for hookin ya girl up with another machine.

My baby turned a whole year old this past Saturday, 9/16. We had a good time. She danced, laughed and played till she fell out. Literally. I'm so proud of my Lil Pookie. She's the bestest. Now that she's here, I cant imagine life without her. I can, however, imagine life without having to buy pampers. That shit is not where it's at.

I'm still on my grind with that job shit. It's been one hellified year. Motivation wanes periodically, along with my self confidence. I do need to get my ass in gear cause these bills dont pay themselves. Hmm...I really dont pay em either, but that's another story for another day.

I recently transferred schools from Strayer University to University of MD University College. I'm still not quite sure what a "University College" is, but I like the curriculum they offer for the Communications degree. I'm much happier at UMUC than I was at Strayer. The professors are actually interested in teaching and care whether or not I learn. I'm even putting in a lot more effort than I was at Strayer. I'll actuallly have to put in work to earn my degree from this place. Whoda thunk.

Quick recap:

  • My son is home from Vegas
  • I'm suing his father for custody
  • I'm getting child support from BD1
  • (let's knock on wood that continues)
  • I'm thinking about training with Elmo, again
  • I'm still dating the Fix It Guy
  • He's still cheap as hell
  • My sister's wedding is in Nov. and I dont wanna go

I need to read stuff and give you guys my overinflated opinion about it.

Random Thought of the Day: Why is Vibe magazine so fuckin whack????

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You tramp!!! I talk to your stank ass nearly erry day... why I gotta read your blog to find out you datin some carpenter crack showin loser.. Shees!!! I swear.. women!!!!!

posted by Prime | 09.19.06 10:32 PM


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