Have you ever walked into a room and wanted to yell...


Then walk out? Yes? No?

I had that very moment today. I log into my Comm class to see how far behind I'd become. I was welcomed by this message:

October 24 - I have posted your grades for the "review" papers. I currently do not have any papers from The Queen. Does anyone know what her situation is? Thanks, Prof. Cunty.

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch! No. She. Didn't. I'm still trynna figure out why she needed to put me on blast and not email me directly.

Stankin heffa.

30.October.2006    07:11 PM     Commments: 2

Man, what the fuck would I do without my music. I'm trynna get my mind right to finish my (now late) Communications mid-term, but I'm just not interested. I put a few things in rotation to get me motivated, but my mind has started to wander. Here's what I've got in rotation:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Green Day. I LOVETH this shit.
Favorite line: "My shadow's the only one that walks beside me"
The journey I walk is definitely by my lonesome.

Retrospect for Life, Common ft. Lauryn Hill. Takes me back to a difficult period in mylife where I was struggling with my self image.
Favorite line: "Turnin this woman's womb into a tomb"
While denoting this line as my "favorite" is inaccurate, I find it to be a pivital moment in the song. That line echos in my subconscience: guilt, regret, frustration...all of that. I still feel it.

Unappreciated, Cherish. We've all been there. Taken for granted. Shit on. All that. I think I'll lose a few cool points for publicly admitting I like these chicks. I really don't want to, I promise.
Favorite line: "I use to give into your lust/ Now I see the truth"
I know, I know. Technically, this is two lines. Realistically, there isn't a line in this song that can be independant of one another and still convey the intended message. All I can say is: I saw the truth a long time ago, but took my time acting on it. Truth really does set you free.

Hip Hop, Dead Prez. I'm feelin these militant muhfukkas. They tellin ya'll some good shit.
Favorite Line: "Uh, who shot Biggie Smalls?/ If we don't get them, they gon' get us all/ I'm down for runnin' up on them crakkkas in they city hall!"
Again, more than one line, but this shit has an impact. Shake them muhfukkas down, niggaaaaaaas!

What You Know, T.I. Smooth and gully at the same time. Speaks to my inner gankstuh.
Favorite Line: "Somebody better get bruh fo' he get sent fo' " I'm just sayin. Niggas is seriously testin me. Patience's runnin thin...

24.October.2006    10:16 PM     Commments: 2

Man oh man. I gotta extract myself from the drama that's ensued on Yahoo! 360 and get back to doin me! All day, ere day. BD3, aka Mr. Duplicity had the AUDACITY to accuse me of bein a computer gankstuh! That nigga needs a lobotomy. Like yesterday.

Today I got a part time job at the DC Convention Center. I gotta get this cash flowin! For the FT job, I'm in another tmep to perm situation. I don't like that, but I've taken risks before. These mfs need to gon' and hire me. Stop the bullshit. I do like the job very much. I'm the Executive Assistant to some Sr. VP dude. I do some admin work for his team too, not much. They're a good group. The only thing I dont like about this job is the hours. I get off at 5:30, which makes it harder for me to find daycare for my Busy Bee. My mom keeps her right now, but she wants to go back to work soon.

Things are going okay for the moment. I'm trying to get a schedule together so I can accomodate everybody's needs, and other things I'm trying to accomplish. It hasn't been easy. My neighbor is trying to start a ministry. He gave me a lil card with the address to his temporary church. I think I'll attend a service or two. I think it would be good for the kids to learn about the Bible.

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20.October.2006    11:39 PM     Commments: 0

I've been on my new assignment for a couple days now. I'm getting used to the people and the place. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it's cool. I still have my fingers crossed for that permanent job I interviewed for last week...

While I was given the grand tour, we came across the guy that was covering the reception desk when I came in earlier that morning. I couldn't look him in the eye. *blush* He's adorable. Not to tall, nice chocolate brown, broad shouldered...just like I like em. When shook hands when we were formally introduced. I had to force myself to let his hand go. I was so embarassed. I didn't want to see him, like evar. Of course we walked passed my desk an hour later. LOL. Damn him. I couldn't be rude and not speak.

The Fix It Guy called me earlier this evening. He says he was callin to check to see if everything was okay since he hadn't heard from me all day. Yeah, I'm aiite. He has a "funny feeling" that something isn't right. I told him I was cool and left it at that. Truth be told, I am a little pissed with him but I'm not ready to discuss it. In due time, grasshopper. In due time. In the meantime, the Mailroom Guy can get it. And twice on Sunday.

I'm trying to stay as far, far away from this dude as I can. I dont need that kind of temptation in my face.

12.October.2006    11:11 PM     Commments: 0

I had ta do you babe
But I knew that you were wrooooooong!

How can I love you toniiiiiiight
Oh baabeeee (oooooooh baaaaay baaaaay eh)
When I know that you're not miiiiiiiiine!

After "the talk" with the Fix It Guy, I suddenly had a desire to sew some wild oats. Usually, I'm cool with the whole commitment thing. That convo has me feelin a lil off kilter. Ya'll know what I did? I ran right over to Elmo. So! I couldn't hep mysef.

I leave my interview at 11. I bounce round the corner wondering if I should go inside the gym. I go anyway. I walk through the door and stare right into Trainer 1. He couldn't hide his look of surprise. He immediately asks me, "You lookin for Elmo???" Me: Yeah, I'm lookin for Elmo. He smirks. I pretend like I don't see it.

The nosey Manager gets all up in the mix wanting me to schedule an appointment and whatnot. I really didn't want to leave my name, but I scribble myself into his schedule. You know, soley for shits and giggles. She gives me his business card and some fliers. I'm out da door.

About an hour after I left, I get a call. Of course it's my Elmo! I bounce back to the gym. I couldn't wait to see him. When I walk in, this nigga shakes my hand! Shakes.my.hand. I've all but gyrted in his lap and all I get is a handshake? He thinks better of it and we fall into an akward hug. I rub the curls atop his head and ask him what's goin on with that. We fall into a familiar comfort.

We shoot the shit for a while. Trainer 2 comes through. This the same mf that said my baby aint look like Elmo. This nigga.....always got some shit to say! Of course he ads his two cents, tellin Elmo to let his real friends come in the gym. Bitch! Heown eein know how trill I am. He betta rekkanize!

Elmo tells me that I missed him. Typical asshole Virgo. Yeah, I do. I didn't confirm nor deny. There's new trainers in the gym too. Ooooh lawd.

Me: Who's that?!?
Elmo: He's married.

I'm sayin, why couldn't he just tell me what dude's name was? I'm not on the prowl all the time. He a blockin ass nigga. I still got love for him though.

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