Have you ever walked into a room and wanted to yell...


Then walk out? Yes? No?

I had that very moment today. I log into my Comm class to see how far behind I'd become. I was welcomed by this message:

October 24 - I have posted your grades for the "review" papers. I currently do not have any papers from The Queen. Does anyone know what her situation is? Thanks, Prof. Cunty.

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch! No. She. Didn't. I'm still trynna figure out why she needed to put me on blast and not email me directly.

Stankin heffa.

30.October.2006    07:11 PM     Commments: 2

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Yes! I'm feeling like that RIGHT NOW! My bitch azz MALE boss has me heated today. This nucca has been speculating and gossiping about me in and out of the office. *gasp* I guess his 40 y/o azz has run out of things to do.

I feel like calling his celling phone, yelling out "BITCH" and hanging up in his face.


posted by Sheron | 11.03.06 05:43 PM


Girl do it! You'll feel a lot better.

posted by Queen | 11.06.06 11:22 PM


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