Man oh man. I gotta extract myself from the drama that's ensued on Yahoo! 360 and get back to doin me! All day, ere day. BD3, aka Mr. Duplicity had the AUDACITY to accuse me of bein a computer gankstuh! That nigga needs a lobotomy. Like yesterday.

Today I got a part time job at the DC Convention Center. I gotta get this cash flowin! For the FT job, I'm in another tmep to perm situation. I don't like that, but I've taken risks before. These mfs need to gon' and hire me. Stop the bullshit. I do like the job very much. I'm the Executive Assistant to some Sr. VP dude. I do some admin work for his team too, not much. They're a good group. The only thing I dont like about this job is the hours. I get off at 5:30, which makes it harder for me to find daycare for my Busy Bee. My mom keeps her right now, but she wants to go back to work soon.

Things are going okay for the moment. I'm trying to get a schedule together so I can accomodate everybody's needs, and other things I'm trying to accomplish. It hasn't been easy. My neighbor is trying to start a ministry. He gave me a lil card with the address to his temporary church. I think I'll attend a service or two. I think it would be good for the kids to learn about the Bible.

As I type this, I look up and the ceiling and realize one of the kids done somehow sprayed juice up there. I'm mean what in the fok? I mean is ANYTHING offlimits to these lil mfs?? Somebody's gonna haveta scrub that shit off, forreal. That somebody aint me.

Ya'll know I can't end this post and not talk about what I got in rotation.

--Cherish: I'm almost ashamed to admit I like these chicks. "Unappreciated" has been in rotation for a minute. I think everybody can relate to that. I'm glad it's no longer an issue in my relationship. *knocking on wood*
<-strong>The Game: One Blood is the hottest shit I've heard in a long time. It allows me to indulge my gully side.
<-strong>Extreme: "More Than Words is some classic shit. When I learn to play the guitar, I want this to be the first song I play. Well.
-Dead Prez: They speak to my inner revolutionary. Stop sleepin on these dudes! Molotov, anyone?

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