I've been on my new assignment for a couple days now. I'm getting used to the people and the place. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it's cool. I still have my fingers crossed for that permanent job I interviewed for last week...

While I was given the grand tour, we came across the guy that was covering the reception desk when I came in earlier that morning. I couldn't look him in the eye. *blush* He's adorable. Not to tall, nice chocolate brown, broad shouldered...just like I like em. When shook hands when we were formally introduced. I had to force myself to let his hand go. I was so embarassed. I didn't want to see him, like evar. Of course we walked passed my desk an hour later. LOL. Damn him. I couldn't be rude and not speak.

The Fix It Guy called me earlier this evening. He says he was callin to check to see if everything was okay since he hadn't heard from me all day. Yeah, I'm aiite. He has a "funny feeling" that something isn't right. I told him I was cool and left it at that. Truth be told, I am a little pissed with him but I'm not ready to discuss it. In due time, grasshopper. In due time. In the meantime, the Mailroom Guy can get it. And twice on Sunday.

I'm trying to stay as far, far away from this dude as I can. I dont need that kind of temptation in my face.

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