I had ta do you babe
But I knew that you were wrooooooong!

How can I love you toniiiiiiight
Oh baabeeee (oooooooh baaaaay baaaaay eh)
When I know that you're not miiiiiiiiine!

After "the talk" with the Fix It Guy, I suddenly had a desire to sew some wild oats. Usually, I'm cool with the whole commitment thing. That convo has me feelin a lil off kilter. Ya'll know what I did? I ran right over to Elmo. So! I couldn't hep mysef.

I leave my interview at 11. I bounce round the corner wondering if I should go inside the gym. I go anyway. I walk through the door and stare right into Trainer 1. He couldn't hide his look of surprise. He immediately asks me, "You lookin for Elmo???" Me: Yeah, I'm lookin for Elmo. He smirks. I pretend like I don't see it.

The nosey Manager gets all up in the mix wanting me to schedule an appointment and whatnot. I really didn't want to leave my name, but I scribble myself into his schedule. You know, soley for shits and giggles. She gives me his business card and some fliers. I'm out da door.

About an hour after I left, I get a call. Of course it's my Elmo! I bounce back to the gym. I couldn't wait to see him. When I walk in, this nigga shakes my hand! Shakes.my.hand. I've all but gyrted in his lap and all I get is a handshake? He thinks better of it and we fall into an akward hug. I rub the curls atop his head and ask him what's goin on with that. We fall into a familiar comfort.

We shoot the shit for a while. Trainer 2 comes through. This the same mf that said my baby aint look like Elmo. This nigga.....always got some shit to say! Of course he ads his two cents, tellin Elmo to let his real friends come in the gym. Bitch! Heown eein know how trill I am. He betta rekkanize!

Elmo tells me that I missed him. Typical asshole Virgo. Yeah, I do. I didn't confirm nor deny. There's new trainers in the gym too. Ooooh lawd.

Me: Who's that?!?
Elmo: He's married.

I'm sayin, why couldn't he just tell me what dude's name was? I'm not on the prowl all the time. He a blockin ass nigga. I still got love for him though.

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