Mostly, this applies to other peoples kids. On any given day, I just might not like my own kids. So! Shit. They kids too and aint exempt from fuckery.

During my commute home, some hellacious teenage lookin creatures got on the train. Hey was hoopin and hollerin and carryin on. Two pseudo dykes, a would be sissy and a random "other". Other than what, Iown know. But anyway, these kids was real real irritatin. I mean damn, am I really that old? I'm more than certain I wasn't that irritating as a teenager. These lil bastards were interrupting my study time! I aint preciate that na'an bit.

My classes this semester aren't going as well as I'd hoped. I think I'll be able to rebound though. Maybe. For my Comm class, I gotta do a group project. I so fuckin HATE group projects. What makes it worse is that we gotta watch some cawk movie and discuss the communication theories used. Le snore. Couldn't Prof. Cunty come up with something better than that? I understand collaborative working enviroments are prevalent in most companies, but damn, cut a sistuh some slack.

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