Today was my first venture into Holiday Shopping 2k6. I used to think I was a pretty cool Mom; I know what kids like, what they're into and I speak their language.

*Enters Walmart*

Armed with two xmas lists and a vision, I'm prepared to pick up gifts for my Brood.

I'm doin pretty good, checking off things as I go. The Boy's writing is still very child like (mind you he's 7 years old) and a might hard to understand. I squint until I understand what it says. I had to think back because he explained it before I left the house.

*Enters ESPN Game Station*

I had NO. IDEA. what this thing was. Apparently, neither did the Walmart staff. Judging by the name, I thought it was a hand held game type thing. He said it had four different games on it. I'm in the Electronics Department walking in circles. Eventually, I give up.

*Enters Payless*

How many of you shop at Payless? Don't eein sit up there and front like you don't. I bet half ya'll got a pair of Pro Wings in the back of yo closet! Anyway, I went in there hopin for a BOGO to get the kids some xmas shoes. Um...since when Payless have shoes for $25?? I thought the objective was to PAY. LESS. Maybe it's me. I left disappointed.

*Enters Tarjhey*

Damn if I was payin 25 bones for a pair of less than leather shoes. I head to Tarjhey cause I knew they'd have a better price. They did of course. I got the Grand Diva something she's been buggin the crap outta me for. Got em for a real good price too. Damn you Payless! *shakes fist*

While in Tarjhey a big box with ESPN blazoned across the front catches my eye. It's that damn Game Station I was lookin for! It puts me in the mind of a big arcade game. Looks fun. Looks like it needs to be assembled. Fuck allat. I check the price...$135! Um...I love my kids, but not enough to spend that much on a gahdamn toy!

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Happy holidays to you and yours!

LOL @ PayMORE. Azzes! They've gotten besides themselves.

What did you end up getting your son instead of the $135 game?

posted by Sheron | 12.23.06 10:49 AM


Sheron! Happy Holidays to you as well.

I ended up getting him a Spiderman skateboard and some random outdoorsy thing. He's a boy. He liked it.

posted by Queen | 12.25.06 06:08 PM


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