"Who's gonna try and make me happy?", is the current status message on my ex's Yahoo! messenger. What a turn off. Yeah, he's an ex for a reason.

It is such fallacy to believe that another person can make you happy. They can add to your happiness, yes. Can they make you happy...hm, I find that questionable.

Happiness starts within you. If you look to someone else to make you happy, you'll be greatly disappointed.

14.January.2007    01:50 PM     Commments: 2

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I totally agree with, Happiness starts within you. I've had a few people in my circle of friends imply, that they aren't happy unless they are in a relationship. I'm glad I've never felt like this.

posted by Carla | 01.14.07 03:22 PM


Carla, I prefer not to be around people with that type of menality. It concerns me. It's like...why are they afraid of being with themselves?

posted by Queen | 01.14.07 11:39 PM


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