Virgo: Rationally, you know what's happening now is probably best for you and that it's okay if a romance has cooled into a routine arrangement. It's possible that the passion isn't really gone; it's simply transforming into a more stable energy. Avoid temptations to withdraw into yourself. Rather than building a relationship on fantasy, make a commitment to create real love.

This horroscope from AOL is very accurate. My weekend was a learning experience. I'm learning a lot about myself and relationships. This weekend, I was ready to end mine. Or what's left of it, anyway.

It's always been my position that I never wanted to be in a relationship. I need to "work on me" and I prefer to do that alone. I met this man at a very akward and uncertain time in my life. I figured he was placed in my path for a reason and went with it.

Leaving him has been in the back of my mind for bout...5 months now. That's practically half the time period we've been together. Reading my horroscope has made me view things slightly different. There's another approach I'm supposed to take. Personal growth isn't easy.

When there's a situation (namely a person) I don't want to deal with, I get ghost real, real quick like. I won't interact with em at all and become real introverted. (As if I could be anymore of an introvert). I have to stop doing that.

[edit] aaaaaaaand he likes fiddy sint! ugh! [/edit]

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Wow, sounds lik me...don't ya hate when those damn horoscopes seem to be written especially for you? Perfectly content to do things your wy and then BAM, someone suggests something that throws your whole theory into a tizzy. Sheesh..

posted by Reese | 01.23.07 01:51 PM


ummhm. Them horriblescopes be real shady like that.

posted by Queen | 01.23.07 08:08 PM


Hey Queen - the last point about 50...well...I have to agree with you. Yikes!
As we Jamaicans say, tell 'im fi CHUCK OFF!!!!

posted by ms. complexity | 01.24.07 09:56 PM


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