I hate new year's resolutions. I think they are a gargantuan waste of time. If you're serious about change, why wait for a new year? Make change when you realize you doin some shit that needs to be changed. Everyday is an opportunity for change. Bullshitters.

What asscrumb coined the phrase "Get my grown man/woman on"? I absolutely hate them for it. Now we got all these poot butt mfs runnin round here sayin that shit. If you doin you, great. Do just that. Nobody cares to hear you declare the shit every other sentance. Furthermore, if you find it necessary to broadcast said message, how "grown" are you, really? If you are truly grown, your actions will reflect that. There'll be no need to broadcast for everybody else.

After I graduated high school, for a long time I wondered at what point should I begin referring to boys as men. Last week the mailroom dude said, "You the most hard workin girl I know." Girl? G. I. R. L. Do thine ears deceive me? He actually referred to me as a girl. I smirked and said "Thanks". WTF is that?

It has taken a full 26 years for me to be able to effectively discern the difference between boys, men, girls and women. Maybe he hasn't reached that level of maturity. Men and women have a different air about them than boys and girls do. I guess immaturity has no age limit.

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You can kick Lil' Wayne's ass for "get my grown man on." Then follow through kicking every person's ass who think it cool to say. I've been a grown ass woman a long time. I'm a little bitter right now. Do grown men exist?


posted by Tracye | 01.03.07 12:18 AM


Tra--I'm in clined to believe grown men exist--somewhere far far away where we aren't.

I hate Lil Wayne. He looks like a flyin monkey. He deserves gettin his ass beat for bein ugly.

posted by Queen | 01.03.07 10:41 AM


When you find those mfs, please... please take me by the hand and lead me on.

Lil Wayne not only looks like a flyin monkey, but one who keeps his had somewhere stuck between his sweaty balls and the crusty starfish that is is ass.

posted by Tracye | 01.04.07 12:38 AM


*thud* @ crusty starfish. imma need for you to stop. like yesterday.

posted by Queen | 01.04.07 07:03 PM


"Everyday is an opportunity for change. Bullshitters."


I can always count on you, Queen, for a witty line that'll have me lauging for at least two days. I'll be sure to call "The Listers" Bullshitters when I hear them rattling off their foolish resolutions.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Live well and prosper!

posted by Sheron | 01.04.07 10:58 PM


Grossness is a necessary e'ry now and then. When I think crusty starfish, I think donors.

posted by Tracye | 01.05.07 12:00 AM


Sheron-- It's true! LOL @ "The Listers"

Tra--I'm okay with grossness. Actually, I'm quite fond of it. Yes, the donors are crusty starfish. Dirtbags.

posted by Queen | 01.05.07 07:07 PM


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