Generally, I'm a cantankerous bitch. Hey, it's part of my charm. I like being fussy and arbitrary, just cause I can. Who's gonna say something about it? To my face, that is. Nodamnbody.

However, there are a few people in this world I have a soft spot for. I would give them anything they asked for: the shirt off my bag, the weave in my head or the booga in the corner of my eye. Just any ole thing. They don't even know who they are. Heh. I'm keeping it that way too.

Then there's the more than few I can't stand. If they were standing on a ledge contemplating suicide, I'd encourage them to jump: "You might as well you triflin bastid. Aint like you useful to anybody livin!" But hey, that's just me.

I've tried to be more tolerant of people. Everybody is different and can add value to the world in some way. But, fuck that "We Are the World" bullshitery; niggas get on my nerves. I'm very happy to have the close few I have (except you Prime. I hate you.). Meeting new people is so scary. You gotta determine how crazy they are, if they steal, if they snort coke. Too much damn work.

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You make my point all too clear. I have met the few online folks who turned out to be just this side of crazy. Those who make you feel trapped in a Hitchcock movie. I'm pushing one Donor off the ledge... the other I will consider that in many ways, he is already dead.

I'm cynical most of the time. It's okay. Why do people feel there is a need to be bubbly, kissey face, and butttery ALLLLLL the time. Don't get me wrong. I know how to be pleasant, kind and considerate to most everyone. I just don't make a practice out of cheesing in everyone's face with the intent of winning friends and influencing people. I prefer to stand on my own, being myself, loving myself.

Queen, do your thang your way. BTW, do you steal, snork coke or eat your boogers? Uhh... I'm just saying before we meet I need to know a few things. :-)

posted by Tracye | 01.07.07 10:22 PM


Meeting new people can be nervewracking but it all depends on what setting you're meeting them in.
If you go out with a good friend who wants to introduce you to new people who are intelligent, humourous and can have a good time without going over the edge, then it might not be so bad.

LMAO @ your comments on the person committing suicide! LOL LOL LOL!!!


posted by S. O'Brien | 01.08.07 04:03 PM


LOL Ms. Queen. I've never tried coke. I have tried the occasional blunt in my hey day. I am now settled with a drink in the hand to calm the nerves e'ry now and then. Steal from the gubmit 'cuz they steal from you... all the time. They have perfected thievery -- fuckers. Diggin up the nose one thing to clear the passage, eating the boogs is another!

I'm against niggas on every level. You will have to read my blog to know why. They piss me off.

P.S. If you can give a sistah a tip on how to steal from the gov without catchin' a case, puff puff pass that info.

posted by Tracye | 01.08.07 11:39 PM


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