Against my reservations, I accepted the evening position that was offered to me yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, it's only during their "peak" times which occur about quarterly and lasts about six weeks per quarter. Starting Monday, for the next six weeks I'll work sun up to sun down with very little in between. It was definitely a very hard decision to make. I hope this is worth it.

This conflicts with other things I've started to work on for my children: academics, sprituality and so forth. I have to provide for them as well and I'm the only one doing it. I file this under the "doin what I gotta do" folder, but it still makes me feel sick inside. I'm not confident they can afford to have me gone for such a substantial period of time. I'm literally all they have.

Sometimes I get so angry with myself. Each more progressively useless than his predecessor, the male humans that created them (notice I didn't refer to them as "men") have no sense of responsibility, obligation or morality. I have to find a way to manage my anger, mitigate my circumstance....and do it with a smile.

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