Today, Sisser 2 and I went to the thrift store cruising for jeans. While betwixt the belts and some weird sequins tube dress, she get's a call from Sisser 1. She hears my Busy Bee in the background and asks to speak to her. Okay. No big deal, right? Hmmmm....

On the way home, I noticed we weren't going in the direction of my house. I ask where she's going. She then informs me that Sisser 1 wants to see The Bee and is heading toward her house.

*cricket chirp*

I inform her that if Sisser 1 wants to see The Bee, she can, infact, speak to me. Sisser 2 agrees yet keeps driving. I tell her I have a problem with it. She doesn't respond. I tell her I'm pissed off; she turns toward the direction of my house.

What the hell is that? Last time I checked, I carried that child for 9 stinkin months and endured 10 hours of induced labor. That makes me her mother. Sisser 1 nor Sisser 2, have the right to dictate where my child goes. Without consulting me, no less! Oh hell no! That's not happening. I cannot and will not put up with disrespect. While I'm not a big fan of Sisser 1, I wouldn't deny her a visit to her nieces and nephew. If she can't speak to me about my own damn kids, she doesn't need to see them. Simple and plain.

They also whisper about my predilection for thrift store shopping. Really, what differece between that and somebody giving you clothes they no longer want? None other than cost. They need to go head. What's better than getting a pair of $60 Gap jeans (one of the few brands that fit my oldest daughter) for 5 bucks? Sounds like a good deal to me. Oh, Saturday is half off day. LOL.

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