I call home to let folks know I'm on my way home from work. I'm informed there's a piece of paper on my car. In my possession for a full 24 hours, there should be no papers on my car. I tell The Girl to go get it and hold it till I get home.

I take the slip of paper and skim it...it's a gahdamn parking ticket! "Parking violation" it states. I mean damn! I have the car for a day and they expect it to be registered in DC already! I dont think so! Clearly, the dealer tags are still on the damn car. Hell if I'm paying that ticket.

Adjudication here I come!

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I can't believe I just did this. Impulse buying is for shoes or cds, not cars.

2005. Nissan. Altima. Red.

Today, I decided it would be a great idea to buy one. Until I realized....I have to drive it home. From Woodbridge, VA no less. I'm still terrified.

It was really time for me to take a piss or get up off that pot, and holding my water is very uncomfortable. So I jumped in with both feet and did it. I just hope I'm not in over my head. This is my first auto purchase and it went fairly smoothly, I guess. I really didn't know what I was doing. I went in, gave em all my damn money and walked out with a car. That's how it works, I would think.

I end up spending a couple thousand more than I wanted to but I'll work that out somehow. I'm trimming my budget to the white meat to make sure I can manage everything. It's important for my family and I to have a reliable vehicle. The dealer deducted $800 from the sticker price so I would be more enclined to purches the extended warrenty. How altruistic of him. {end sarcastic moment}.

All in all, it wasn't a horrible experience. I just dont plan to drive much. At. All.


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I'm lyin. I aint leavin shit for my kids. Iown see why the hell I should. I worked for it, it's mine and Imma enjoy it while I'm here. There's provisions for em if something should happen to me while they're young, but that's bout all they gettin. They don't appreciate nothin no way.

Things are on the upswing for me. Each blessing comes with its own set of challenges. There's always a damn catch! Despite the challenges, I'm very excited with what's to come. He's definitely moving on my behalf.

Monday, I went to orientation for the YMCA two week overnight camp. They didn't receive a full scholarship, but I dont have to pay much and every little bit helps. I'm excited for them, however, I'm not too keen on spending my money to send them anywhere. Their behavior has been less than stellar. It'll definitely be a good experience for them, but we shall see...

The bathroom is shaping up very nicely. But this dude...he always got somethin with him! He work for a lil bit, then have to stop and get his daughter or go to some appointment. It's gettin old. I know life happens, but shit. My Momma said it best: "He's bringing his problems into your house with your problems." Problems which I have comm issioned him to fix. Cause that's like, his job. This is why I can't stand dealing with contractors. Can't trust em.

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My commode takes a slight lean to the left
It's the floor, it's now rotted
You might fall through, so please don't touch it.
If they'd close the shower curtain, it would be fine
But they can't think and breathe at the same time
It's my name that's on that loan
If I woulda known, I wouldnta bought a home.
Standing in the crawl space wonderin
What I'ms gonna do
Oh yeah,
Fuck that roof too!

When I woke up yesterday morning, I decided to be productive before I had to leave the house and get a lil cleaning done. The bathroom is always first on my list. I get my cleaning kit together: Comet, Greased Lightening, Pine Sol, scrub brush and sponge. Everything's present and accounted for. I spread my cleaners out and get to scrubbing. I kneel down to get behind the toilet...scrubs. Get up from behind the toilet...that mf aint stand up no more! That's so not a good look and an indicator of an underlying problem. The Fix It Guy and The Carpenter come to evaluate the prollem. The wood around the toilted is rotted, the rest is damaged. The take a look in the crawl space, deciding how to best support the floor and whatnot...I'm just waiting for the bottom line which I have yet to receive. I so think this is gonna cost me more than what I have. I'm not looking forward to this.

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I like to see things in pictures. Sometimes, it gives a better understanding of the subject matter. To send my VP a screen shot of his travel profile, I turn to my Primey for good advice.

Me: how do i take a screen shot? ctrl + prtin scrn?
Prime Bear: shit + prtscn should put it on the clip board
Prime Bear: then you can paste it into somfin
Me: shit + prtscn?
Me: shit, prime?
Me: *dead*...S H I F T?
Prime Bear: LMAO
Prime Bear: yeah, that
Me: R O F L

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Bout time a new layout done found it's way up here. I done had that same raggedy ass Lil Kim layout for three years! Ew. I'm so over her. Mind you, my designer had three new layouts to my one. Hmph. Kelis is more fitting for my mood of the moment; I'm indeed the bawce!

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Women dont make sense to me. As a woman, I can't conceptualize nor rationalize some of the bullshit we put ourselves through.

I have an acquaintance who's been embroiled in bullshit for quite some time. I have tried to be supportive to help her through her difficulties simply because I understand what it's like. I've spent countless hours helping her devise solutions, while aggravating my carpel tunnel no less, to encourage her to evolve to a stronger spiritual and emotional place. You know what the hell she did?

Allowed herself to fall back into the same bullshit.

Marinate on that for a minute.

Once you have all the facts in place (which she does), there's no need for testing the waters or searching for more proof. The writing's on the wall, ceiling, mirror, bookstand...

I have my own confusion. Initially, I believed the good Lawd commissioned me with helping her. While I was reluctant to do it, I still put forth my time and effort. Now that she's chosen another set of friends, I feel like that's the good Lawd's way of taking me out of the scenario, which I'm certainly not mad at. I guess where my confusion lies is...what exactly did I accomplish? Did I really complete the task laid before me? To me it doesn't seem like it but maybe He has something has something else in mind.

As I stated before, I'm not mad at that. I have very little interest in helping someone that doesn't want to be helped! I have other shit I could be doing (other shit TBD) instead of wasting my time. If you're gonna dabble in the same bullshit, you deserve every piece of strife and misery you receive. A hard head definitely makes a soft behind. It's up to you to determined when you're tired of takin an ass whoopin.

[Note: Kiki, I aint forgot you girl! I got your request. Just keep checkin back!]

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It's such a beautiful day in DC today; I just had to get out and enjoy it.

Earlier on IM, I get hit up by Evil Asian. She's looking to do dinner. I didn't have any major plans tonight so we head over to PF Chang's in Arlington. My girl Pink was working tonight and we had a real good time...and a free entree.

EA and I eat until we can't stand it any more. She could barely walk over to the restaurant. We head over to the mall for a stroll (had to walk that food down) and last minute browsing. She's happy underdrawls at Victoria Secret are 5 for $25. Lane Bryant has the SAME promotion, so you know a sista is overly estatic. LOL.

"Yooooo, help me find some underwear." I had to look her dead in the eye, cause I knew she couldn't be serious. You want me and my big ass to stand here and wade through some lil ass drawls? Yeah. Okay. Much to my chagrin, she was serious.

The basket of flip flops caught my eye. Oh joy! Nothin says lovin like flip flops. On sale too! That's my most favorite shoe in the universe. Next to Shox and Air Max, of course. We move on to lip gloss. I'm quite taken aback by her enthusiasm. Not my Evil Asian, who wears triple large sweats and Timberlandesque boots.

She's pulling at tubes and thrusting them in my general direction. "Try this one!" "Smell it; I bet it tastes good too." I tell her I really dont like lip gloss and dont need anything to make my lips look bigger than they currently appear. I squeeze the goo on my finger and apply it to my lips. It's looks okay. I'm not overly impressed. I press my lips together and they...stick. I rip them apart for fear they might become frozen in that smashed down position. I'm quite disturbed that a). Evil Asian has a prediliction for lip gloss and b). I spent 10 of my hard earned dollars on lip gloss. I shall reside in a padded cell.

I must admit it was fun to give into that estrogen inspired urge. Being that I live a life style which requires me to play dual male/female roles, I do feel my femininity has been compromised. While I'm not certain if I'll have an opportunity do reliquish the dual role as head of household, I no longer have to play the dual role in my interpersonal relationships. I don't put myself in that position. If I have to be a man for him, what the fuck is there left for him to do? Nothing. That's why these niggas is lazy as hell now. That's another rant for a different day. My discernment process is much better than it used to be; this includes judging friendships as well. Not everyone who makes a pit stop during your life journey is meant to be your good girlfriend or life partner. It's just not a realistic expectation.

While walking to the Metro, Evil Asian is grumbling bout getting home so she can watch the game. I shake my head and laugh as I take comfort in the familiar.

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