Bout time a new layout done found it's way up here. I done had that same raggedy ass Lil Kim layout for three years! Ew. I'm so over her. Mind you, my designer had three new layouts to my one. Hmph. Kelis is more fitting for my mood of the moment; I'm indeed the bawce!

15.April.2007    01:00 PM     Commments: 3

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Having a new design does not absolve you from your regular posting duties. Put. it. to. use.

posted by nOva | 04.16.07 10:13 PM


Imma put my hand to use...upside yo damn head

posted by Queen | 04.17.07 08:14 PM


Ungreatfull Heff!!!

uh oh, Imma get Imusd for that comment ... LMAO

posted by Prime (AKA Mike) | 04.18.07 11:04 PM


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