Women dont make sense to me. As a woman, I can't conceptualize nor rationalize some of the bullshit we put ourselves through.

I have an acquaintance who's been embroiled in bullshit for quite some time. I have tried to be supportive to help her through her difficulties simply because I understand what it's like. I've spent countless hours helping her devise solutions, while aggravating my carpel tunnel no less, to encourage her to evolve to a stronger spiritual and emotional place. You know what the hell she did?

Allowed herself to fall back into the same bullshit.

Marinate on that for a minute.

Once you have all the facts in place (which she does), there's no need for testing the waters or searching for more proof. The writing's on the wall, ceiling, mirror, bookstand...

I have my own confusion. Initially, I believed the good Lawd commissioned me with helping her. While I was reluctant to do it, I still put forth my time and effort. Now that she's chosen another set of friends, I feel like that's the good Lawd's way of taking me out of the scenario, which I'm certainly not mad at. I guess where my confusion lies is...what exactly did I accomplish? Did I really complete the task laid before me? To me it doesn't seem like it but maybe He has something has something else in mind.

As I stated before, I'm not mad at that. I have very little interest in helping someone that doesn't want to be helped! I have other shit I could be doing (other shit TBD) instead of wasting my time. If you're gonna dabble in the same bullshit, you deserve every piece of strife and misery you receive. A hard head definitely makes a soft behind. It's up to you to determined when you're tired of takin an ass whoopin.

[Note: Kiki, I aint forgot you girl! I got your request. Just keep checkin back!]

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Happy now?

posted by nOva | 04.15.07 04:43 AM


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