I can't believe I just did this. Impulse buying is for shoes or cds, not cars.

2005. Nissan. Altima. Red.

Today, I decided it would be a great idea to buy one. Until I realized....I have to drive it home. From Woodbridge, VA no less. I'm still terrified.

It was really time for me to take a piss or get up off that pot, and holding my water is very uncomfortable. So I jumped in with both feet and did it. I just hope I'm not in over my head. This is my first auto purchase and it went fairly smoothly, I guess. I really didn't know what I was doing. I went in, gave em all my damn money and walked out with a car. That's how it works, I would think.

I end up spending a couple thousand more than I wanted to but I'll work that out somehow. I'm trimming my budget to the white meat to make sure I can manage everything. It's important for my family and I to have a reliable vehicle. The dealer deducted $800 from the sticker price so I would be more enclined to purches the extended warrenty. How altruistic of him. {end sarcastic moment}.

All in all, it wasn't a horrible experience. I just dont plan to drive much. At. All.


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Congratulations, lady! Why aren't you planning to drive your new car much?

posted by Sheron | 04.29.07 08:31 PM


Sheron, there are many things I'm good at: cussing people out, defrauding charitable organizations...peeling the top chocolately layer off a Reese's cup. Notice driving is not listed.

posted by QS | 04.29.07 11:17 PM


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