I'm lyin. I aint leavin shit for my kids. Iown see why the hell I should. I worked for it, it's mine and Imma enjoy it while I'm here. There's provisions for em if something should happen to me while they're young, but that's bout all they gettin. They don't appreciate nothin no way.

Things are on the upswing for me. Each blessing comes with its own set of challenges. There's always a damn catch! Despite the challenges, I'm very excited with what's to come. He's definitely moving on my behalf.

Monday, I went to orientation for the YMCA two week overnight camp. They didn't receive a full scholarship, but I dont have to pay much and every little bit helps. I'm excited for them, however, I'm not too keen on spending my money to send them anywhere. Their behavior has been less than stellar. It'll definitely be a good experience for them, but we shall see...

The bathroom is shaping up very nicely. But this dude...he always got somethin with him! He work for a lil bit, then have to stop and get his daughter or go to some appointment. It's gettin old. I know life happens, but shit. My Momma said it best: "He's bringing his problems into your house with your problems." Problems which I have comm issioned him to fix. Cause that's like, his job. This is why I can't stand dealing with contractors. Can't trust em.

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