My commode takes a slight lean to the left
It's the floor, it's now rotted
You might fall through, so please don't touch it.
If they'd close the shower curtain, it would be fine
But they can't think and breathe at the same time
It's my name that's on that loan
If I woulda known, I wouldnta bought a home.
Standing in the crawl space wonderin
What I'ms gonna do
Oh yeah,
Fuck that roof too!

When I woke up yesterday morning, I decided to be productive before I had to leave the house and get a lil cleaning done. The bathroom is always first on my list. I get my cleaning kit together: Comet, Greased Lightening, Pine Sol, scrub brush and sponge. Everything's present and accounted for. I spread my cleaners out and get to scrubbing. I kneel down to get behind the toilet...scrubs. Get up from behind the toilet...that mf aint stand up no more! That's so not a good look and an indicator of an underlying problem. The Fix It Guy and The Carpenter come to evaluate the prollem. The wood around the toilted is rotted, the rest is damaged. The take a look in the crawl space, deciding how to best support the floor and whatnot...I'm just waiting for the bottom line which I have yet to receive. I so think this is gonna cost me more than what I have. I'm not looking forward to this.

22.April.2007    07:23 AM     Commments: 3

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Terlit on gangsta lean! Why the eff ain't they invented self-cleaning ones?

posted by Lisa | 04.22.07 07:03 PM


From now on, I'm going to sing YOUR song each time I hear Irreplaceable. Your lyrics are equally catchy.

posted by Sheron | 04.29.07 08:33 PM


Why thanks, Sheron! I'm working on "Beautiful Liar" as well. LOL. Ya'll aint ready. Yall aint HARDLY ready.

posted by QS | 04.29.07 11:13 PM


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