I call home to let folks know I'm on my way home from work. I'm informed there's a piece of paper on my car. In my possession for a full 24 hours, there should be no papers on my car. I tell The Girl to go get it and hold it till I get home.

I take the slip of paper and skim it...it's a gahdamn parking ticket! "Parking violation" it states. I mean damn! I have the car for a day and they expect it to be registered in DC already! I dont think so! Clearly, the dealer tags are still on the damn car. Hell if I'm paying that ticket.

Adjudication here I come!

30.April.2007    07:27 PM     Commments: 1

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Hey ladie! Been a long time since i stopped by here. Love the new layout! hope all is well! take care!

posted by Golden | 05.05.07 05:10 PM


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