I go to work and work hard every day. Flip two jobs when I need to. I'm all about takin care of my shit at all costs. Ain't nobdody gonna do it for me.

I circle the gas station a couple of times since my tank is on the left side...and all those pumps were being used. I walk into the FoodMart to pay for my gas. There's a dude standin by the door askin for change. Since pumpin gas is my least favorite chore, my light bulb went off. He wants my money. I don't want to pump gas.

Follow where I'm going?

Me: Yeah, I got some change...if you'll pump my gas.
Him: Oh, yeah. No problem.

He hustles over to the car while I go inside to pay for gas. I come back out and give him the go head. I pass him a couple of dollars. Everybody walks away happy. I mean damn, I aint just gon' GIVE my money away to no able bodied mf!

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