I've stated before that I dont like other people's kids. Hell I dont like my own kids. Please do not bring your bad ass kids around me if I don't have the green light to choke slam them at will.

One of the few times I allow the kids to venture outside, some shit goes down. It's always something. First of all, I don't let my kids hang out on the block all night like the rest of the neighborhood rats. Unt un. If your ass aint in this house BEFORE dark, that's an automatic three days punishment.

Anyway, the kids is outside shootin off classic Ya Mamma jokes. One girl get all in her feelings and ready to fight. Now my oldest aint gon' let her brother get his ass kicked, so of course she add her two cents. It's time to come in the house and the other girl can't let it go. (aside: if you wanna crack jokes but dont wanna be cracked on, sit down and stfu. k, thanks.) She's ringing my phone. Next she's walkin past my house talkin shit. I'm trying to tell my oldest the MATURE way to handle it, but a part of me wanted to let her go outside and be like "Yeah, what's up?" Why? Cause bitches who talk shit get dealt with, that's why.

While I'm cruisin online for shoes partaking of Reese's ice cream, I hear arguing at my door. Cause I aint goin for that. I go to the door and tell ole girl not to bring that foolishness to my door. Whatever was said outside was said. Leave it be and leave my damn porch. Aint nobody got time for that fake go hard shit. I keep trying to tell the oldest, if she wanted to do something, she woulda done it. Aint nobody training these lil bitches right.

Moral of the story is: be about your shit or shut the fuck up. End of story.

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