I've been waiting for Friday since last Friday. LOL! Today is going well; I have no complaints. Life has been pretty steady and even as of late; I really appreciate that.

Sunday, the kids leave for YMCA Camp Letts overnight camp. They'll be gone for the next two weeks. Everyone is excited. The next couple of days'll be spent washing, sorting and packing. I hope they remember their manners and good hygeine. I hope they dont get up there and start sharin soap and combs with people. We're gonna have a looooong talk about that one. Ain't no tellin where them other kids have been! I'm so, SO grateful they have this opportunity. I plan to explore similar camps for them next year as well. I'm also looking for other things to aid their personal and academic development, but I'm not sure where to start. I'm guessing their school can help.

They baby'll be gone for a few days too. Not sure what I'll do; I've always had children around. I'm having difficulty remembering life without children. LOL. It would be a good time to get the house ready for the new furuniture that's supposed to come in the next couple of weeks. I'm very, very excited about that. Now I have to convince my friends they want to paint my house. Yeah, the whole house. LOL.

I'll be able to use this quiet time to reflect on me and work some things out. I'm fighting with something in my Spirit and it's wearing me out something awful. I really need to get that thing in order. My heart knows the right thing to do. My mind on the other hand, has her own agenda. I need for both of them to reach a compromise. Like yesterday.

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