Another week has come and gone. Time is passing quickly. I'm glad...sorta. What I'm not overly excited about is the slow progress I've made with goals I have set. I understand change takes time, however, patience is a virtue I have yet to acquire.

The kids have been safely back from camp for about a week or so; they really enjoyed it and I enjoyed not having them tearing through my house. LOL. I'd like to be able to send them to one camp per month next summer. That's an expensive venture, but I might be able to pull it off. I hustle like that.

I think my boss may have gotten wind that I'm looking for a new job. About every couple weeks or so, she wants to discuss my career goals: what I like, what I don't like, what I study...yadda yadda. As my manager, it would be in her best interest to support my development to the fullest to be able to consistently perform well in my position. As my manager, she would want to know how much longer I intend to stay in my current position. Surely, concern for my career isn't her sole motivator.

Today she tells me I write better than one of the VPs. I told her I've had a lot of practice. The curiosity light bulbs went off behind her eyes. She wanted to know where I received my practice. Little does she know I write just about everyday. Maybe she does know. *shrugs* The Internets is public space.

She continues, wanting to know what my objective is. I tell her what my major is and why I chose it. It's a gift and a curse: now I'll have more of her work than I ever wanted. LOL. I may also end up with part of the HR Guy's job after he retires. I hope I get part of his paycheck too. For whatever reason, he's not being replaced, however, we're still hiring for my department and have about 8 more sales people to bring on board. I don't know shit about screening executive candidates and apparently neither does my boss. On Monday I'll be given general guidelines to follow. All I can do is take that and run with it. I hope for jeebus she doesn't make me interview them too. My schedule is about to become really hectic. She's concerned that I'm bored. She's right. I am. It's not about having enough work to keep me busy; I can piddle around enough to look busy. I think I'm best suited for projects that require actual thought.

Even if I went to another company, I'd still be doin the same work. I'd still be entrenched in boredom. I'm considering pausing my job search for the time being. I have yet to receive a call about anything I'm really interested in. That could be my revelation; I may very well be where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life. Sometime this week, I'll discuss some type of development plan with her to include my tuition reimbursement. For me to get to that next level, I gotta have a degree. As much as I'm not interested, as much as I hate it, I have no choice but to do it or stay stuck where I am. Stagnancy isn't an option.

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