This morning I had my almost annual review. This company doesn't conduct reviews based on your actual annual hire date; everybody gets reviewed at the same time of year if they were hired before a specific date.

I wasn't looking forward to this being that my boss is new and we haven't worked together very long. Because her knowledge base is limited, she asked others about me and my work product. She couldn't find one bad thing to say. So, um, where's my raise?

A merit increase wasn't submitted for me. While I'm very disappointed, I'm not surprised. This behavior is indicative of a money grubbing corporation driven by sales. They just fired a sales person; I think I should get part of her salary. But hey, that's just me. My boss has agreed to speak with her boss about my raise. I don't care how she does it; it just needs to be done. Mutiny is such an ugly thing. Believe you me, she don't want me to go all Sista Girl on her. *straightens suit jacket*

There are ways to go about getting what you want. By the time I'm finished, I'll have everything I need.

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