"Everything fell in line
Time brought change
and change came with time."
~Big Mike, Havin Thangs

(aside: What the hell happened to Big Mike? He was the undeniable shit. Yall mfs done slept on him)

You know, I'm sick of my job. I'm very happy to have steady work, as was not the case last year this time. I'm getting very restless and board because I know admin isn't my life's work. I'm also annoyed with myself because I've wasted so much time. As I look back on situations I've devoted my precious time, I become very angry with myself. When people have nothing going for themselves, they don't want you to have anything going for yourself either. It's so imperative you are 1). careful of the company you keep and 2). be extra careful with whom you confide your dreams and goals. Why? Cause niggas'll grin all up in your face and pretend to be excited with and for you, yet strategiacally plotting to tear your shit to pieces. It's real. Best believe both men AND women are capeable of such treachery. I've gone off on a tangent and need to remember where I left my point.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago my boss comes up to me and informs me that I write much better than one of the sales people on our time. I kinda chuckle and tell her I've had a lot of practice. LOL. She becomes curious, but I can't really tell her where I received this practice. LOL.

There are two sales people on my team who are very supportive of me and my career goals. Today, I spoke to one and asked her if it was okay if I worked on one of her proposals. She was very gracious and fully supportive of me. I'm so glad to have that. We now have to devise a strategy to ensure the support of my boss and convince the proposal manager that I'm an excellent candidate to do this, although I have no formal experience working with proposals. I'm down for learning something new.

I no longer have the time or desire to sit around and wait for something to happen. It's now up to me to go out and take it. This is my opportunity and I have to take advantage of it.

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