After not receiving a merit increase in September, I'm back to job hunting. It's not going very well thus far; I haven't received any call backs. :( That's very disappointing. I know I'm doing everything right. My resume is good and I have good experience. I don't understand why these white folks aint callin me back.

I wonder if these people even know what they're looking for. Ads are full of catch phrases like "self starter, team player and detail oriented" couple with duties such as "manage executive calendars, draft correspondence and other duties as assigned." Real cute. Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnd they want you to have a four year degree to do this piddly shit. Are you serious?

Of course a company wants the best candidate their $35k per year can purchase. Imma need HR to up they game. Please do not post ads with misspellings, bad punctuation and words used out of context. You're not gonna attract and retain the best if you don't present yourself as an organization deserving the best.

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